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I Can Dance!

Posted on September 20, 2010 by under Date Ideas, Things to Do.    

On Friday Ching, myself and some friends from work went to Harry Reese Dance Studio for some lessons. We all had a lot of fun learning some of the more basic dance steps. Ching and I were a little bored because we were a little beyond the basics. But we still learned a few things. Like the fact that I suck at Salsa dancing.

After the lessons we all decided that we would go to.”Suede” a local club that plays salsa on Friday evenings. When we got there we all tried to SHOW OFF what we learned. That’s when I found out that I can MERENGUE! Who would have thought? LOL. Ching and one of the instructors George were picking on me because they said that anyone can MERENGUE. What they don’t realize is that before I met my wife, I never knew how to really dance. I could slow dance but that was it. Every time I learn something new with my wife, I feel like I have accomplished something great.

Honestly if it was not for my wife, I would not have experienced many of the things I have. I owe her a great deal in my life. More than I could ever repay.

If you find yourself bored on a Friday ninth and you want to learn how to dance, come to the lessons. Then come out with us after and have a drink and try out your new skills. It’s $5.00 per person and well worth the cost.

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