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Best “Thank You” Card Ever

Posted on September 18, 2010 by under Babies.    


I thought I would share this “Thank You” card that Brian and I received because it’s the BEST one that I’ve ever gotten. I’m pretty sure that it’s the best one that Brian has ever received also.

Not only does the card meet the requirements of a text-book “Thank You” card, but it is also personalized also. Notice that the photo inside the card is of Gavin with our gifts.

This is the first ever “Thank You” card I’ve received that is personalized in this way. When April gave the card to Brian and me at our camping trip a couple of weeks ago, I was speechless. I thought, “Wow!” All I could muster was, “This has got to be the best Thank You card ever!” I truly envy April because she’s one of the most creative and crafty moms I know.

So anyway, this blog post is a tribute to the best “Thank You” card ever. Way to go, April!


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    Even Comic Book Guy would have to agree  on September 24, 2010

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