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Ching’s Red Eye

Posted on August 19, 2010 by under Health.    

Ching's Red Eye

I busted a blood vessel in my eye somehow. I still haven’t figured out how, though. I didn’t even know there was something wrong until Monday when Jan noticed my eye had a red spot. It didn’t hurt so I wasn’t worried about it at first. Then on Tuesday morning, the redness had spread. It made my eye look really funky. At that point I was worried so Brian and I agreed I should have the doctor check it out.

Luckily for me, the eye doctor was available that afternoon. We go to College Hill Eye Care, which is located just South of Central on Hillside so I was gone from work only 30 minutes or so. Their office was slow so I didn’t even have to wait. I got in really quickly and they had me read some letters on the wall and then he looked in my eye and in about two seconds decided I was fine.

I can’t believe I paid copay for that. LOL. I should have listened to Isaac who told me earlier that day that I was going to be fine. I told him that I trusted him and all, but I wanted a professional opinion. =P

The optometrist, who isn’t my regular optometrist (Dr. Goertz wasn’t in that day), told me that he did not find any foreign objects and as long as my eye doesn’t hurt then it should be fine. I wore my glasses on Tuesday because I was afraid that I would further irritate my eye and he reassured me that it would be fine to resume wearing my contact lenses. He did say that my eye will probably look worse before it gets better, but that it should be back to normal in about a week or two.

Apparently, these things are pretty common. If you cough or sneeze or puke or are constipated or strain in any way then you could bust a blood vessel in your eye and your eye will look just like mine does. I’d never had this happen before, though, so it made me panic. Everything is fine, however. As a matter of fact, I think the redness is starting to dissipate.

P.S. I have a theory about what caused the blood vessel to pop, but I’ll keep it to myself in the interest of keeping this blog PG. LOL!

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