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Carmen and Nick’s Wedding

Posted on August 15, 2010 by under Life.    


Brian and I attended Carmen and Nick’s wedding yesterday.


Carmen was absolutely radiant.


Jan, Brian and I rode to the ceremony together.


Travis and Joni also attended. They’re such a great looking couple! Quite a few people from work showed up. Paige was there, as well as Tiffe and her daughter, and Ginger and her daughters.


Brian was starving after the ceremony so he and Jan and I went to Zaytun for a late lunch. It’s one of Jan’s favorite places to eat.




I think we missed the lunch rush (if there is such a thing at Zaytun) because there was hardly anyone there. I think there were only two other tables besides ours.

We still had plenty of time to kill after lunch so Brian and I decided to go to the mall after dropping Jan off at her house. We initially planned on wearing the same clothes that we wore to Carmen and Nick’s wedding ceremony to their reception, so we were a little overdressed for the mall. I’m oblivious to everything as always, but Brian said that people were staring at us. It made him a little uncomfortable. I didn’t notice anything weird, though.

Plus, I never get to go to the mall so I was just glad that I could go. And I had a coupon for free underwear at Victoria’s Secret with no purchase necessary so I was able to redeem it. I love getting free stuff!

Try as we could, Brian and I didn’t have it in us to spend three hours at the mall so we decided to go home. Joni and Travis said they were changing into jeans for the reception so Brian figured he would do the same. I’ve never attended a wedding reception in jeans before, but since it seemed like everyone was changing into something else (Paige said she was changing out of her dress as well) I figured I should go casual as well.


Brian and I found this denim dress on sale for under $20 at Express that afternoon, which I ended up changing into. It was a great find. Also, it was a compromise between my need to wear a dress to the reception and wearing jeans. Since it’s denim, I basically just wore my jeans in dress form. LOL.



Paige ended up changing into this cute lavender/purple blouse and a nice dress pants. She said she started off working jeans, but then went back home to change into dress pants because she was worried about being under-dressed in photos. Of course, when she saw Brian in jeans and then Joni and Travis also in jeans, she regretted second-guessing herself.


Tracy didn’t make it to the church ceremony, but we ran into her at the wedding reception. She looked fantastic!

Here’s Tracy with her husband Jim, but you can’t really see his face in the photo.


Here’s Tracy with Carmen…


Here’s another photo of the bride and groom…


I just love weddings. I think it’s because it’s usually the couple’s happiest day.


It all goes downhill from there, you know… Just kidding!


Brian danced with Carmen during the dollar dance.


I snapped several photos while they were dancing. My favorite one is this next one because I caught their faces at just the right angle and it looks like they’re making out. They weren’t, of course!


It’s just an optical delusion. LOL.

We got into the subject of two-step earlier that evening when the music started. They played this Mexican song and a whole bunch of the guests flocked to the dance floor. I thought it was kind of a slow Merengue, but Brian was convinced otherwise. Brian said, “I think they’re two-stepping.” Everyone busted up laughing. At least the rest of us knew that the dance people were doing was definitely not the two-step.


So Joni was like, “You guys need to come to the bar in Andale and we’ll show you how to two-step.”

“You know how to two-step?” I asked.

“All hillbillies do!” was Joni’s reply without missing a beat. And then we all started laughing again.

Of course, Travis had to add, “How do you think they come out of the womb?” I guess all hillbillies are born knowing how to two-step. LOL.

Snapped some pictures of Travis and Joni two-stepping. They had to show us how to do it because we didn’t know how.


I think Joni and Travis are probably the best-looking hillbillies I’ve ever met. I mean, they’ve still got all of their teeth and everything!


I know why Brian doesn’t know or can’t learn how to two-step, though. He hates country music!


Another photo of Nick and Carmen; and then Tracy and Joni below.


They did the garter and bouquet toss pretty late into the evening. I think probably because they planned on partying all night.


Here’s Nick removing Carmen’s garter with is teeth, it’s like a preview of what’s to come on their wedding night. LOL.


Carmen, her mom, and maid of honor on the dance floor.


Here’s Joni and Carmen line-dancing.


Apparently hillbillies are quite good at line-dancing also. LOL.

We had a great time at Carmen and Nick’s reception. They make such a beautiful couple and we wish them the best as they go through their life together. Have a great honeymoon you guys! Take lots of pictures!

P.S. Click here to see more photos from Carmen and Nick’s wedding.

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