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Gavin’s First Birthday

Posted on August 9, 2010 by under Life.    


Gavin had the coolest birthday cake ever! They had a rubber ducky theme.



He also had a “smash” cake. I didn’t know about “smash” cakes until the other day. I guess that is the thing to do. You have a cake for everyone to enjoy and then a little, individual-sized cake for the baby to “smash” – LOL.


April knows all about these things.


We ended up playing Tekken at the birthday party, which was fun, but sucked at the same time for two reasons. (1) Gavin was messy after “smashing” his “smash” cake and so he took a bath right after. April said they used the hooded towel I’d gotten for him, but I was downstairs playing Tekken so I missed it. It would have been a great photo-op. (2) I gave myself a hand cramp (my hands still hurt today) trying to defend my “champion” status at Tekken. I think I need to lay off the video games for a while.

More pictures from Gavin’s first birthday party can be found here. As soon as April posts the pictures that she took, I will post a link to her album as well so that you guys can check them out.

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