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Anniversary Dinner

Posted on August 8, 2010 by under Life.    


We decided to have our anniversary dinner at Bonefish Grill this year. It had been quite a while since we’d last dined there so it was time.

It was a good thing that we made reservations because they were super busy on Friday night. There was a couple ahead of us that was quoted a thirty-minute wait, which is a long wait considering it was only a half past six o’clock in the evening. We didn’t have to wait at all, though, because our table was ready when we got there.


Dinner started with Bang Bang Shrimp, a Bonefish specialty and the appetizer item that everyone orders, and a glass of Pomegranate Mango Sangria. Both were delicious!


The sangria was very, very good. So good that I’m considering going back one Wednesday ($5 Bang Bang Shrimp night) just for Bang Bang and drinks.


For my entree, I had one of the specials on the list: flounder with the spinach and lump crab on top. I substituted the seasonal veggies with broccoli because I need fiber.


Brian, who is unadventurous, had the filet with mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies.


He said it was good, but the portions have gotten considerably smaller. We remember going when the restaurant first opened. The servings were much more generous back then. That’s the way it goes, though. As a restaurant has been open for a while, the portions just get smaller and smaller. Not that it matters much because we don’t usually finish our food anyway.


We went downtown post-dinner because Brian promised me salsa dancing at Suede. Parking was a challenge because the Friday night concert was going on at the Farm and Art Market Plaza. There were hundreds of people gathered there.


Suede was pretty empty when we first arrived. It didn’t get packed until about 11:30 PM or so. We didn’t really plan on staying up that late (we’re a couple of old farts) so Brian and I took off around midnight, just when the party was getting started. Neither of us like crowds much and the dance floor had gotten too crowded at that point. I already got a couple of dances out of Brian so I got what I came for… LOL.

Our actual wedding anniversary isn’t until Tuesday, August 10, but we have Logan until then so we figured we’d celebrate early. I think having Logan stay with us for a couple of days is probably the highlight of our anniversary this year. No one has entrusted us with their child before. It really makes me feel like a grown up. Not so sure about Brian, though. He’s looking forward to playing video games with Logan over the next couple of days. I think he’s reverted back to being 10 again. 😉

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