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Western Hoe-Down at QAC

Posted on August 8, 2010 by under Life.    

We had a good time at the Western Hoe-Down. It was a great opportunity to meet some of our neighbors. Laurence is a Mechanical Engineer who works for Airbus. She’s only been living in Wichita for six months. Matt is Airforce Pilot who flies KC135s. He’s only been in Wichita for a couple of months. So far everyone we’ve met has been wonderful.


This is Sue Dunlop, our favorite leasing agent. She is so bubbly and energetic. We just love her!

The hoe-down was actually pretty cool. They had the Windwagon on hand for photos and the present Admiral spoke. He was a little weird and rambled on about random stuff like picking up chicks at the Wichita River Festival. They did supply free beer at the party. He must have had a few. =P

The food was by Jet BBQ. It was pretty good. They also had a Baskin Robbins stand for ice cream sundaes. I tried to resist, but I ended up having one. I blame the failure of my resolve on the spicy, spicy hotlinks.

There was a DJ on hand, but not much dancing took place. Brian got to play in the Western Jeopardy game and somehow came in second despite having answered only one question correctly. It was really challenging Western trivia. LOL.

I’m told that they have two of these events annually: one in summer and one in winter. At the community party last December they had a trolley car that drove you around to look at Christmas lights around the city. I hope they do that again this year because I will surely take them up on it. 😉

More pictures from the Western Hoe-Down at QAC can be found here.

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