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Ching’s 1st Time at Putt-Putt

Posted on August 1, 2010 by under Date Ideas, Games, Things to Do.    

I’m experiencing a lot of firsts in my 30s. I won’t list everything that I’ve done for the first time, because I’ll just bore you to death. Suffice it to say, I’m feeling and experiencing things I’ve never experienced before. And I thought my life would get more and more dull as the years pass. Definitely not the case.

A few years ago I got to experience going to the drive-in for the first time. It was a really neat experience. I’ve decided that I really like going to the drive-in. Athough, I find that I have to ignore all the other people because some people are strange.

The other night while we were there we saw a hefty woman wearing a cami and lounge pants. This wouldn’t have been so bad if her cami covered her stomach, but the cami proved to be too short and looked like a half-top on her. Her large belly was hanging out and made her stick out like a sore thumb. She could not be missed in the sea of people. Brian pointed her out to me when she walked by our car to go to the concession stand. I had to look away out of embarrassment. I was embarrassed for her. I would have wrapped up in a blanket or something.

“Maybe she’s pregnant,” I told Brian.

“That woman is not pregnant!” he insisted. “Maybe she was pregnant at some point. She definitely isn’t right now.”

Naturally, when Cory and April, and Jay and Becca showed up, they all pointed her out as well. You couldn’t miss her. It makes me think that if we started a People of Starlite web site, it would be serious competition for LOL. I think the drive-in customer demographic is same as that of the Kansas State Fair. No offense to all the normal people who go to both events. Just sayin’…

Brian loves people watching. I think that is his favorite part of going to the drive-in. I like it for the value. You can’t beat three movies for $8. And, with the air mattress and several pillows, I can be completely comfortable. I know of only one place where you can lie down (somewhat) during the movie — the Director’s Suite at Old Town Warren. Also, the temperature was absolutely perfect the other night. We didn’t even need our blankets (we brought several because we’re nerds).

Anyway, I really wanted to tell you about my first putt-putt experience. It was still really hot at 5 PM but we had a lot of fun. Chad met us there so the three of us hung out (Jay and Becca couldn’t make it). As luck would have it, the Sheriff’s Department was doing a fundraiser: unlimited rides and miniature golf until 10 PM for $15 per person. What a deal! The only things excluded were the driving range, the batting cage, and arcade games.

Brian, Chad and I got to play both courses of miniature golf, ride go karts, and bumper boats. It would have cost a lot more to do all of those activities. I totally sucked at putt-putt, but it was so much fun. All though I came in last every time (Brian won the first round and Chad won the second), I would go again. Practice makes perfect, right?

Since it was still hot outside and we were hungry, we decided to take a dinner break at Fox & Hound. After dinner we returned for more putt-putt. The temperature had dropped some so it wasn’t as hot, but the mosquitoes were out. I got ate up pretty bad. Here are some of the pictures that we took yesterday.

By 9 PM we decided to call it quits and head back to our place for RB2. We evetually got bored with RB2 and moved on to Tekken, but Brian and Chad quickly got tired of me kicking their butts and wouldn’t let me play with them anymore. =P

Anyway, putt-putt was pretty fun. I’d probably go again before summer is over. All in all, I had a fantastic Saturday.

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