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The T-Mo Nightmare.

Posted on July 20, 2010 by under Life.    

I can’t believe I am beating Ching to a post but it’s probably because I am still up at midnight. I can’t sleep because I am so angry at this whole situation.

Let me start at the beginning.

Yesterday, we were at Ronnie’s B-Day at Boeing Lake and Ching was doing her usual picture taking and she kept getting a message that said “Log into server” it asked for a log in and password as well as a domain. We really didn’t think much about it and kept on with our day.

Today we went to my Parents house for dinner and it happened again. Ching decided that she would call T-Mo for tech support. This was a mistake. After several minutes on the phone and being escalated up to the HD2 support team (which is a joke) they decided that we needed to have a factory reset done. I was not in favor of this but they assured me that it would fix the problem. They also assured me that after the factory reset that everything would go back to normal.

After the factory reset was done I let the rep go and we started resetting all of the programs that Ching had on her phone. This is when we realized that she was missing a few things. First we noticed that she was missing the Swype that was preloaded. We decided to head to the T-Mo store and see if it could be reloaded, this was a bust as the store was closed. Then we headed to Wal-Mart and got a few things for some friends. We worked on the phone some more and found more and more that was wrong with the factory reset.

I asked Ching if she wanted to just exchange the phone. She said that was a great idea and we got the receipt and box and I ran up to Wal-Mart for the exchange. I got there and they advised me that they were out of stock. I thought to myself, could this day get any worse. I went back home and on the way I called T-Mo, I wanted to know when the buyers remorse was up. I was told that today was the last day, they asked me some questions and I advised them of the situation. They told me that it should not be acting that way and that it should definitely be returned. They told me that they could send me one for the same price if I could get it returned and the contract canceled. I ran back up to Wal-Mart and I was told that there was NO ONE in the store that could cancel that contract. Not even the manager was trained on this service, he advised me that I would need to come back tomorrow and speak to the electronics manager and see if there was something that she could do. While the manager was talking to me the electronics attendant was calling other stores to see if there was someone there that could help. He got a guy at the west side store and the attendant asked him if he could do the cancelation. The attendant said “yes, but I am leaving in 2 minutes and I am not staying”. That was my only chance.

I came back home and decided to call HTC. I figured if anyone could help, they could. They spoke with me and I learned that the Swipe program is not one of there loads, it is apparently loaded after they are built and then packaged by T-Mobile.

We continued to use the phone only to find more and more problems. I am not sure how I can fix this phone or if I can. At the moment Ching wants to just cancel the service all together and get an iPhone. I am not really keen on this idea. I am not a fan of the AT&T service and I am not a fan of the iPhone. I am trying to talk her into a Droid phone instead of the iPhone or another windows phone.

At the moment our plan is to just try to see if we can get the contract canceled. I know they have done remorse exceptions before and I am hopeful that we can get the contract canceled. If not then the only other option is to get the phone exchanged. We have 2 weeks left to get the phone exchanged through Wal-Mart. If we can’t get it exchanged then the only other option is to cancel service.

I hoe it does not come to that. We have a great rate plan that we will never get back again if we cancel. I really done want to loose it and AT&T does not have the unlimited data package any more. This concerns me because Ching is a data hog. They only offer 2Gig and I have a feeling that Ching will go through that in less than a month.

I am trying to convince her to just wait out the contract, as she pointed out, 2 years will go by fast. If worse comes to worse and she just will not use the phone then I will take the HD2 and give her back the Touch Pro 2 until the contract is over. Then we will seriously look at another provider.

Until then, I will not get a good night sleep until Ching is happy.

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