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So Much for Cleaning

Posted on July 18, 2010 by under Games, Life.    

This is inevitably what we end up doing when we’re supposed to be cleaning.

We did get quite a bit of cleaning done before we decided to plop our behinds on the couch and start playing video games, though. Pandora helped. Brian likes to have the music blaring when he’s cleaning.


After cleaning, we played some Tekken. I’m sad to report that my winning days are over. Brian has found a favorite character that he can use to consistently whoop on everyone else, Lili. Blech.


Speaking of video games… Dan came over last night and played Rock Band 2 with us. He is the only one we know who can get 98% on guitar, on Expert level. The mark of a true nerd. Just kidding, Dan!


I played with them for a while, but then I ended up getting a blister on my left hand. I think it’s because of the awkward way that I hold the drumsticks. Now I have an RB2 callous. LOL.

Dan helped us unlock quite a few songs. I think we only have 40 songs left to unlock. After that it will be time to start buying some songs or song packs.

Thanks, Dan! See you in two and half years!

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