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A Walk Down Memory Lane

Posted on June 28, 2010 by under Family.    

Here are some pictures of us from ten years ago.

2000 June11

We were celebrating Brian’s birthday, grandma’s birthday, and Father’s Day all at once. This was at the original Sumo location on North Rock Road before they moved. We lived on 32nd Street (just across the street from the restaurant at the time). It was quite convenient.

2000 June10

Grandma, grandpa and Brian’s brother Kevin.

Celebrating together has been a Brubaker family tradition for ages. Grandma is super proud of the fact that she and Brian have celebrated their birthdays together every year since the day he was born. They only missed twice and that’s when Brian was living in Memphis. Now that we’re all together in Wichita, the tradition continues.

2000 June09

It’s always fun celebrating with family.

2000 June07

My father-in-law, David.

2000 June08

I don’t even think he has this Hawaiian shirt anymore. Maybe Brian owns it now? He ends up with his dad’s hand-me-downs most of the time. LOL. =P

2000 June05

Brian, goofing around. Not much has changed over the last ten years. The only difference is that we were just dating then and we’re married now.

2000 June04

Brian definitely no longer has these shorts. I’m pretty sure it got donated to Goodwill several years ago.

2000 June02

He looked so young in this photo. This was the year he turned 26. He sure didn’t look like it. He looked like he was barely 21. =P

2000 June01

Of course, that was before he had a full head of gray hair.


He was such a cutie! Whatever happened to that guy? Just kidding, baby! I love you!

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