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Posted on June 15, 2010 by under Life.    

Brian got me an orchid for his birthday. (It’s the least he could do after all of his birthday gifts this year.) The new orchid reminds me of my fake orchid at work that everyone thinks is real. I had gotten it from Kirkland’s over six years ago.

I got a real orchid this time, though. It’s one of those Just Add Ice orchids. So now I have an orchid at home, too. We named her Penelope.

They had a couple of orchids left at Sam’s Club for $10. We went there on Sunday after lunch with Brian’s parents at Carrabba’s. We needed to pick up something for Cory and April’s Oscar Mayer party.

Believe it or not, my real orchid was actually cheaper than my fake one. Though, I don’t really remember how much I paid since I bought that other one so long ago. My fake orchid is great because it looks real, yet it doesn’t need watering so I can’t kill it even if I tried. Can you get more low maintenance than that?

The Just Add Ice orchids come pretty close to being as low maintenance as fake orchids. You just put three ice cubes once a week. That’s all it takes to water them. It’s almost like they thought of me. =P

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