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Ching Buys a New Bra – Hilarity Ensues

Posted on May 28, 2010 by under Shopping.    

Everyone knows that Victoria’s Secret has a huge semi-annual sale in June and December. Well, the June sale is going on right now. I actually got my semi-annual sale preview catalog several weeks ago. I’ve ordered and received my stuff already. My stuff being some bras and panties to replenish the ones I’d outgrown and given away. After the large 50-gallon garbage bags full of lingerie that I’d gotten rid off, I was down to only a few necessities.

Thankfully, my wonderful husband allowed me to purchase some stuff from the semi-annual sale. Last month’s shopping trip to Dillard’s yielded only a couple of bras and a couple of underpants. Spending the same amount this time got me a bunch more stuff through the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale. I have to be really careful, though, because I can sense the unwelcome return of my underwear fetish.

I really shouldn’t go back to my financially unsound habit of just buying lingerie because I don’t have that color or because I think it’s cool. I need to stick to the bra strategy of only buying the essentials. After being bombarded with the “Hello, Bombshell!” commercials, I just couldn’t help myself. When I saw the Miraculous bra in the semi-annual sale, I just had to have one.

How can you resist a commercial directed by Michael Bay? For someone who effortlessly gets conned into buying random stuff from infomercials, I was an easy target. It’s a miracle that I didn’t buy every single color of Miraculous bra available.

When my package arrived yesterday, I eagerly slashed the package open to show Brian my goodies. I mostly just got the basics, except for lacy black demi bra for special occasions and the Miraculous bra which I purchased more out of curiosity than anything else. Those were the only two frivolous items. Honestly.

All of the bras were pretty average and unremarkable, but the Miraculous bra was just plain weird. I’d never seen a bra with so much padding. I probably could’ve used the bra in place of my pillow and been just as comfortable (probably more so). The amount of padding was just astonishing. As someone who normally stays away from padded bras, it just looked so unnatural to me. I immediately regretted buying it because I couldn’t see myself wearing the thing.

I tried it on and pulled my shirt over it to show Brian just how unnatural it looks. They weren’t kidding in the commercials about adding at least two cup sizes. It makes me look like I’ve had breast enhancement surgery. Not surprisingly, Brian actually likes it. I just can’t get myself to wear it with a straight face because everyone who knows I’m normally flat-chested will surely know something is up.

It’s a bra that will take some getting used to, for sure. On the plus side, I think it’s great to wear for self-defense. It’s got so much padding that someone could punch me on the boob and I wouldn’t feel a thing. If it doesn’t work out as a bra, I guess I could always use it as a helmet. We have been biking a lot lately.

What about you? Have you tried the new Miraculous bra yet?

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