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Ghirardelli Square

Posted on March 20, 2010 by under Travel.    


Ghirardelli Square was another point of interest near our hotel. We got to hang out there with the Dills, Pia, JP, Sheryll, Clayton, and their cute kiddos: Steffano, Carmeron, and Sam.

Sheryll and Pia

Jay and Brian

Steffanno, Sam, and Cameron with Pia’s dog Popo

Clayton and Sheryll

Brian and Popo

Becca, Jay and Brian

JP, Pia, Sam and Cameron

Sam is such a cutie! She takes after her mommy. I’m glad I got to see Sheryll and her family. I’m glad I got to see Pia after seven years also. With us both living in the US, you’d think we’d be able to see each other more often.

Now that I’ve gone to San Francisco, though, I think it’s her turn again. Time to plan a trip to Kansas, Pia!!

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