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Driving Around San Francisco

Posted on March 7, 2010 by under Travel.    

And the trip recap continues…


Besides the Palace of Fine Arts, Pia drove us all around San Francisco after lunch at Boudin. It’s funny because as Pia was driving to various locations and passing by certain scenery, Jay would chime in with facts and miscellaneous informational bits. (Did you know that the color of the Golden Gate Bridge is not actually red? It is international orange.) It was like we were on our own private sight-seeing tour.

I would pit Jay against any tour guide and he would probably come out on top. He was very knowledgeable (he learned a lot on his first day in San Francisco, LOL) and quite entertaining.

Jay and Becca

We got tons of pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge because Pia drove us to the viewing areas on both sides. Here are some of my favorites.


Brian and Pia

Jay lines up a group photo

I hate having my photo taken, but they insisted.


This one of Pia and me taken with her iPhone.

Ching-Pia GGB2

After taking obligatory photos at the Golden Gate Bridge (no one visits San Francisco and misses photo ops of the bridge), Pia took us to Lombard Street. Lombard is also known as Crooked Street.



Not only is the street crooked and curvy, but it’s very steep as well. Riding in Pia’s Tahoe as she drove down the street was a religious experience. It felt like we were going to topple over at any moment. Apparently, it’s pretty safe to drive down the street because there were several cars doing the same thing (before and after our vehicle). None of them were Tahoes, though. LOL.


The closest and best parking that we could find was on this incline. That was also scary. We were literally parked at a 45 degree angle. Once again, I was fearful that the Tahoe would tip over and tumble down the street never to be seen or heard from again. I was afraid to open the door for fear of falling out.

As soon as I unlatched the door, it flung itself open just by virtue of gravity. Who knew doors were that heavy? I guess we take it for granted because we’re usually parked on an even horizontal plane. I tried to slow down the opening of the door by hanging on to it and it took a lot of work.

If that was a lot of work, walking up to the intersection so we could take photos was even more so. No wonder most people in San Francisco are skinny. It takes a lot of effort to walk on their steep hills. I felt like a gust of wind would topple me over. It was a very weird feeling.

Brian, Jay and Becca power walk the steep incline

Lombard Street is a popular attraction. There were a gazillion tourists taking photos.


Jay and Becca

Pia packed in a whole week’s worth of adventures in one day, but I’ll stop here for now. Next up, Twin Peaks and Pia’s favorite ice cream shop. To be continued…

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