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Our New Racquetball Rackets

Posted on December 30, 2009 by under Games, Health.    

Our new racquetball rackets arrived today via FedEx. Hurrah!

Brian’s is the one on the left. It’s an Ektelon AirO Warrior racket that is 1900 power level. His racket is part of a racquetball kit that comes with matching safety glasses and three blue balls. He named it Winona.

Mine is the one on the right. It is also an Ektelon. Except it is the O3 Hybrid Rip, which is a 2300 power level. I think it has been discontinued because I can’t find it on the Ektelon web site any longer. That might explain why I got it on sale for $50 instead of $100, which was the regular price. I named my racket Manny, as in Manny haPacquiao (pun intended). I picked that name because I plan to hapak the ball really hard from now on. LOL.

I selected my racket out of all the racket options available because I think it is ideal for the type of player I am. According to the description on the web site, the racket I have is ideal for beginners who rely more on arm swing than a well-established fast wrist snap. That’s definitely me. Also, it’s supposed to give me more power without sacrificing control.

I’m really excited to take Manny for a spin. It’s a shame it will be a while before we get to play racquetball again because we’re going to be in Kansas City this weekend and then Brian is going to have his wisdom tooth pulled on Monday. I don’t expect that he’ll be able to play racquetball for a couple of days. Bummer.

For now, at least I can hold Manny and swing him around in the air while pretending to hit imaginary balls.

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