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Becca’s 37th Birthday

Posted on November 29, 2009 by under Things to Do.    


Becca’s 37th birthday party was such a blast. It was a little confusing at first, but everything worked out and we got to bowl and ride go carts and celebrate Becca’s big day in a really big way. Jay deserves kudos for getting everyone together. He really did an amazing job.






I think my favorite part was riding the go karts. I was a little disappointed that our entire group couldn’t go all at once. It would have been fun having everyone in the track, but I’m sure it would have been complete and utter mayhem. The track probably would have been too crowded and it just wouldn’t have been a good idea, not just for safety reasons, but all around. It would have been demolition go karts for sure.

Speaking of, I really miss bumper cars. I wonder where we can do that in Wichita. That would be so much fun. Of course, there wasn’t a lack of bumping the other night. I had my share of hits (no thanks to Mike).







So whose birthday is next? When can we ride go karts again?

P.S. Brian will tell you that he beat me at bowling that night. I will tell you that it doesn’t count. [1] I had been up since 5 AM and, unlike Brian, didn’t bother taking a power nap before going to the party. [2] There were a ton of people bowling with us. [3] We only bowled one game.

I can assure you that if the conditions were different, Brian would not beat me at bowling. Sorry, babe! Just telling it like it is.

So I challenged Brian to a three game bowling match. Best 2 out of 3 will be declared victor. He just needs to name the place and time. Stay tuned for the bowl-off. 🙂

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  • Replies to "Becca’s 37th Birthday"


    Brian Brubaker  on November 29, 2009

    What my lovely wife has failed to tell everyone in the final section of this post was that [1] I had only three hours of sleep. we both woke up at 5am but i did not go to bed until 2am (she crashed around midnight), then I drove to KC and half way back before I called it quits and asked Ching to drive the last leg. A power nap was needed or I would have been a zombie at the alley. [2]The amount of people should have no effect on a person that claims to be a great bowler. There is no such thing as “Ideal Conditions” which she kept telling me she needed in order to beat me. I bowled in chaos and beat her so what does that say about my bowling skills [3] and finally, she thinks that three games will make the difference. Well, I guess we will have to see. She also failed to tell you that I got a gift from my Grandfather, His old bowling bag and ball. He used to league play throughout my childhood and he was a dammed good bowler, I believe that the energy from those days is still with the ball, I told her that it was my Grandfathers magic ball that made the difference.

    Definitely stay tuned for the bowl off, I plan on proving my skill.


    Jo  on November 30, 2009

    Yikes on the bowl off…….scary LOL

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