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Dancing the Night Away at Park Cafe

Posted on October 25, 2009 by under Family, Things to Do, Travel.    


After the homecoming-slash-birthday party, we all decided to go to Park Cafe for some outdoor ballroom dancing. We hesitated to go at first because it was kind of rainy, but then it stopped raining just in time. I had worried that the ballroom dancing had been canceled, but Tanjayanons are true dancing die-hards who wouldn’t let a little rain keep them from their Park Cafe. It was a smaller turn out than usual, but more than I expected considering the weather.


I’m glad that we went because I ran into my cousin George Ramirez (Jojie). He is a lot younger than I am so we didn’t really get to know each other until my last visit to Tanjay in 1998. Being an internet addict, I went to Mozcom all the time. Jojie happened to work there and that is how we met. He is the only relative I have on that side who is always so eager and proud to claim me as a cousin. Maybe it’s because we are both from Tabuc. LOL.





The dance floor was pretty slick from the rain, but that didn’t stop us. We are die-hards after all. True Tanjayanons to the very core.

Below is a photo of mom with Inday Milet, Inday Roquesa (Jojie’s mom) and Manong Tikboy (Inday Milet’s husband).






The local dance instructors (DI) and their fabulous dance moves kept everyone busy.



Brian danced with me despite his glaring dress code violation. Apparently, you have to wear a nice shirt, pants and shoes in order to be able to participate in the dancing. No shorts or flip-flops. Since we were going to be in a hot, tropical climate, Brian didn’t pack any collared shirts. The two linen pants (we figured that any other material would be too hot) that he did bring with him were both dirty.

We decided to go as we were. He tried to stay away from the dance floor and was pretty content watching us dance with the DIs, but eventually gave in to the call of the music (also known as my pleadings). LOL.

Daddy, who was also in improper attire, danced with mom as well.






We didn’t really care that we were violating the dress code. No one was going to be able to keep us from participating in the dancing and missing out on all that fun.



Auntie Joy has some awesome dance moves and could be a DI herself. She is a fantastic dancer.


Mom ran into an old friend from school, Oning.




No trip to Tanjay is complete without doing some ballroom dancing at Park Cafe. Everyone had a fabulous time. 🙂

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