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Our Close Call

Posted on September 20, 2009 by under Travel.    


In our rush to return home to Wichita yesterday, Brian forgot to fill up Bebot’s gas tank. We completely spaced it out until Brian noticed that the gas light had come on. We had just passed the last service area and were in the middle of nowhere when this happened so we both got really worried. We had faith in Bebot, but we didn’t want to get stranded along the turnpike either.

We didn’t know when the next service area would come up so Brian and I decided that we should take the next exit. Brian and I were both relieved to have made it to Casey’s, the nearest gas station according to Wilma. Wilma had gotten into a habit of taking us to closed streets and defunct businesses lately that we were worried she would take us to gas station that would no longer be there. Brian was looking for a Phillips 66 because that’s where Wilma was supposed to be taking us. Casey’s is no longer a Phillips 66, but at least it’s still a working gas station.

[ Wilma’s maps desperately need to be updated. We just can’t fork out the $100+ needed to do it right now. ]

After our emergency fuel stop, we were back on the turnpike and headed home. On the way, we realized that we were less than eight miles away from the next service area so we didn’t have to leave the turnpike after all. I wish we would have known of it its existence because Bebot could have easily gotten us there. Bebot is such a good car, but we should have never put him in that position. It really scared the crap out of Brian and me.

We learned an important lesson that day. We should never abuse Bebot and take him for granted. To reward him for delivering us from a potentially terrible situation, we gave him a well-deserved bath today. He needed a bath anyway, but Brian and I are bad owners. =P



We’ll try to do better by Bebot from now on, though. He really saved our butts!

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