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Feeding the Ducks

Posted on July 19, 2009 by under Things to Do.    




I forgot to share these pictures of Brian and I feeding the ducks at Sedgwick County Park yesterday. We pretty much spent the entire day at the West side of town. It makes me want to live out West.

Brian went with me to my waxing appointment at Beau Monde and then we decided to go to the park to feed the ducks before meeting Tita Sol for lunch. Speaking of Tita Sol, we are going to have to take her out to a nice dinner (we are thinking Bone Fish) because she keeps insisting on buying whenever we eat together. It makes me feel really bad whenever she does it because there’s two of us and only one of her. If anyone should be buying lunch, it should be us. She says it is just her way of showing how much she appreciates us giving her Molly. Truthfully, it’s the other way around. We really owe her because we could not take care of Molly as wonderfully as she does.

Anyway, April called for help (she accidentally locked her keys in the car at the YMCA East parking lot) while we were at lunch with Tita Sol at Jimmy’s Egg West. Cory has a spare key, but he was at work. We live right next to T-Mobile so we would have been the best option to just pick up the key from Cory and drive to the gym and bring it to her. However, since we were all the way out West that day and in the middle of lunch with Tita Sol, we were too far away to be of any use. Thankfully Brian’s mom was available and she came to the rescue.

We planned on going to the zoo after lunch with Tita Sol. Figured that we aren’t often on the West side of town, might as well make the most of it. The zoo was fun but, as I mentioned in the previous post, way too crowded.

We ended our day by stopping by to see Sunny and Scott at the Baskin Robbins (North of New Market Square). Sunny had a remote there that day. It was the perfect excuse to eat some ice cream. Brian bought a scoop of something chocolatey. I was a little piglet and ordered two scoops of the Mango Tango. I really should’ve only gotten one scoop because I couldn’t finish mine. 🙁

We had a lot of fun yesterday. Brian said that the zoo was fun, but the highlight of the day for him was feeding the ducks. We will have to do that again. Maybe we can invite Tita Sol and Molly for a picnic at the park next time. Molly would go absolutely nuts around the ducks. Anyway, click here to see the rest of the pictures we took.

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