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My Day in Topeka

Posted on July 17, 2009 by under Food and Drink, Life.    

I had a quick lunch with Mo today before heading back to work in Wichita. I don’t get to be in Topeka very often so it was a nice opportunity to see him.

I love how they give you stuffed animals instead of numbers at Classic Bean. The sandwiches are great, too. They’re named after classical musicians. Love it.

I forgot to take a picture of my Chopin sandwich, though. That’s because I was starving! All I had was a little bit of cereal this morning.

I left Wichita at 7:00 AM and reached Topeka around 9:00 AM. I realized that the milk was a bad idea when the butterflies in my stomach started to give me a stomach ache. Except, I couldn’t do anything about it because my teammates were already there.

Marc drove up to Topeka the night before since he has employees there. Our meeting technically wasn’t until 10:30 AM so I figured I could drive in the day of, and it would be just like going to work because I could leave about the same time. But then we decided at the last minute that we would have a team meeting before the actual meeting. Thus, I ended up in Topeka by 9:00 AM.

Linda was already in the room and had everything ready. She is so organized and just all-around awesome. Shortly after Pete arrived we did a run-through. Jimmy arrived in the middle of his portion.

At 10:30 AM we did our presentation for Doug as planned. It was pretty nerve-wracking (even though I had the easy parts — since we cut out my section, I’m just doing intro and conclusion now). I mean, this is our EVP/COO and he is a fantastic speaker. He had so many questions that our meeting ran until noonish. He provided our team with some really good feedback, though.

Randy said we would be the first team scheduled to present to the officers. We will be presenting our project sometime next month. On the one hand, I’m like “Arrrgghh!” But on the other, the sooner we present, the sooner we can stop worrying about the project. Plus, Pete pointed out going first actually has several advantages. Among them, we won’t be compared with another group that’s come before us (because we are first) and all the material is still fresh in our minds.

With all that was going on, I completely forgot about my stomach ache. Although, by 11:30, the ache had been replaced by hunger. By the time our meeting was over, Mo and his coworkers were already at Classic Bean. It’s located just a short walk from the Topeka GO so it’s pretty convenient.

The food is good and the service is friendly, but they’re not exactly fast. I had to wait a few minutes before they brought out my lunch. I was so hungry that I just scarfed it up without taking a picture. Sorry, guys.

Got back to work by 3:00 PM with the intention of doing time tickets. There were tons of emails to tend to (and a bunch of other stuff — fires everywhere) that I didn’t get them done. Might have to come in either tomorrow or Sunday, so I don’t have to do them on Monday. Mondays are super busy.

We have a busy weekend planned, though, so I might not have a choice in the matter. Oh, well. We shall see.

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