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Local Flavor is So Delightful

Posted on March 18, 2024 by under Food and Drink.    

Local Flavor

Ever since I’ve discovered Local Flavor and their “local delight” pie I have been completely obsessed. In fact, I dragged Brian and Chris (my friend from work) there again for lunch recently just so I could satisfy my pie craving. Here are some pics from that visit and previous visits (because the place is now on our regular dining rotation).

Smoked Chicken Bacon Wrap

The smoked chicken bacon wrap normally has greens and tomatoes. Brian doesn’t like tomatoes and so there’s none in this pic. After having this version, he decided he didn’t like the greens either. So now he gets it without greens and tomatoes and it’s absolutely perfect. This wrap has the best smoky flavor. It’s our new favorite thing to get there.

New Favorite Chicken Wrap

Brian also loves their rib tips. They are good but a bit too spicy for my taste buds.

Spiced Honey Siracha Rib Tips

Parmesan potatoes – not that special but good. And they’re the perfect additional side to complement your meal specially if you’ve decided to just split a chicken bacon wrap like we sometimes do.

Parmesan Potatoes

Chris had the fish at lunch the other day. He got two huge fillets, battered and fried. Not gonna lie. It looked pretty good. I would have had fries instead of the fried okra, though.

Fried Fish, Okra, and Cabbage Slaw

The smoked salmon dip is also something that I have really enjoyed there. You can’t see the dip under the pretzel in this pic. They give you quite a bit of it along with the pretzel, Ritz crackers, veggies, and chips.

Salmon Dip

I had so much dip left over one time that I took the rest home and made a sandwich out of it the next day. It was great that way too.

Local Delight Pie

And then here’s the best part – the local delight pie. It’s got the best fruity flavors.

Local Delight Pie

The place doesn’t really look like much when you first pull up but, as soon as you get out of the car, you’re immediately greeted with that smoky barbecue aroma. That place smells so freakin’ delicious. Besides barbecue, they also serve tacos and burgers. Much like everywhere else, Tuesday is “Taco Tuesday” and Wednesday is burger day ($2 off any burger). You can see the rest of the daily specials in the pic of the menu below.

Happy Hour and Weekday Specials

Happy hour is 2 to 5 PM Tuesday through Saturday and there’s a bonus late night happy hour from 9 PM to midnight Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I’ve yet to come out to enjoy their happy hour but I’m very tempted to because the food and drink specials are pretty darn good.

Drink Menu

Here are some of their specialty drinks.

Sunday Brunch

I’ve also yet to come out to Sunday brunch but those $15 mimosa buckets are calling my name. Anyone wanna go this Sunday?

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