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Hello Fresh Meals

Posted on March 3, 2023 by under Food and Drink.    

My work recently sent everyone their first box of Hello Fresh and four weeks of discounted boxes as a reward for participating in our company wellness program in 2022. I’d been wanting to try Hello Fresh for a while but just couldn’t get Brian to pull the trigger. He is of the belief that we can plan our meals and shop for the stuff ourselves, which comes out way less than these subscription plans. The thing is, it never works out because we are always too busy to plan (let alone cook) our meals so we end up eating out most of the time.

It’s funny because a friend of mine once asked me if Brian and I eat out or eat at home more and I replied, “I guess we eat at home more because we always get carryout.” LMAO. Yes, we were eating out waaaayyyy too much. And, as you can imagine, that gets pretty expensive too.

I’m so glad we got the free trial and promotional discount because then Brian couldn’t say no. Anyway, I have enjoyed everything we’ve gotten so far and for the most part all of the meals have been petty easy to make. Here are some pics..


The pecan-crusted chicken with honey mustard sauce and mixed greens apple salad was the very first thing we made. I was immediately sold. I loved the refreshing apple salad and the chicken was perfection. I’m hoping this shows up again as an option because I will get multiples of it. In the meantime, Brian said it’s easy enough to make that he could actually make it for us anytime we wanted.


Next, we made the top tomato spaghetti chicken, toasted almonds, parmesan, and parsley. This was also a winner!

That same week we had the beef flautas supreme with pico de gallo and smoky red pepper crema. It was Brian’s pic. It wasn’t bad but not my favorite. And, I forgot to take a photo. That sums up our very first box.


The following week we had the balsamic tomato and herb chicken (pictured above) and fully loaded pork taquitos. Both were good but I liked the pasta better. I’m not a fan of taquito-type things. Once again, I forgot to take a pic of it. I think it’s probably because I wasn’t too excited about it. LOL.


We are now in our third week/box of Hello Fresh meals. Since I seem to enjoy their pasta dishes the best, I chose two pasta dishes this week. The one above is the pork sausage rigatoni in a creamy sauce. The second one (below) is the palermo prosciutto and chicken penne.


Both were very tasty but I definitely preferred the chicken pasta dish because the prosciutto puts it over the edge. Who doesn’t love prosciutto? I told Brian I think I would much rather have prosciutto at breakfast instead of bacon but we both agreed that would get too expensive.

Anyway, we are definitely enjoying our Hello Fresh so far. It’s getting us to cook at home more. Granted, it’s probably more expensive than just doing your own grocery shopping and planning your own meals but we are saving so much time in not having to think about what to make and they only send us enough for what we are making so we don’t have to worry about rotten vegetables in the fridge. And, even though it is somewhat pricey, it’s still cheaper than eating out.

If you want to try it out for yourself, this link gets you your first box of Hello Fresh meals for free. Enjoy!

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