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Senior Citizens Get the Best Deals

Posted on May 9, 2009 by under Life.    

I told Brian that we should go to ABC Liquor to pick up the two three-liter bottles of Lambrusco on Wednesday. Wednesday is the day that they have 20% off wines.

Our plans didn’t pan out when we were distracted by the arrival of the Lenovo IdeaPad. We scratched all plans and ended up unboxing the new laptop. Much to our disappointment, after having spent almost two hours with tech support, we could not get it to connect to our wireless home network (unlike my old Dell Mini 9, which connected in about two seconds without any problems).

I didn’t remember it until after work on Thursday. “I know what we forgot to do yesterday,” I told Brian. “We forgot to hit the liquor store to buy Lambrusco.” I had promised to provide Sangria for the Sunny de Mayo celebration this weekend. Lambrusco is the type of wine that my favorite Sangria recipe (stolen from Brian’s mom and dad’s old neighbor, Lisa) uses.

Hoping to get a good deal on the extra large jugs of Lambrusco (I wanted to make twice as much this time because we ran out of Sangria so quickly at Sunny’s holiday party), I called around to various liquor stores to find out if any discounts were available. Here’s the phone conversation that took place when I called one of the local liquor stores.

ME: Hi. Do you guys have any specials today?

LIQUOR STORE GAL: What do you mean?

ME: Do you have any discount offers?

LSG: On what product?

ME: Well… On any products, but I am interested in wine mostly.

LSG: Tuesdays you get 10% off any 20-pack or larger beer, on Wednesdays all regularly priced wines are discounted 20% off, and that’s about it.

ME: What about Thursdays?

LSG: No. Sorry. Nothing on Thursdays.

ME: Bummer.

LSG: We do offer SENIOR DISCOUNTS every single day of the week!

LOL. Too bad I have another 25 years or so to go. Senior citizens get the best deals! =P

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