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DUPR 16 at Northland Racquet Club

Posted on December 22, 2022 by under Pickleball.    

These are the pictures of the teams that competed in iPickle Nation‘s DUPR 16 team event at Northland Racquet Club on Sunday.


Net Assets: Randy and Jeana Shumate, Tamara Cowell, and Duane Rice


Dink and Fireball: Maddy Beasley, Sharon Vanderberg, Michael Cobb, and Pete Petrovic – These guys are really funny. Maddy and Mike told me about their tradition of taking a shot of Fireball at the beginning of the tournament and then another shot at the end. Mind you, this tournament started at 9 AM!


Pickleholics: Michael Ross, Sharon Steimel, Michelle Dreiling, and Jeff Mehaffey


The Law Firm of Batesons, Johnson & Peel: Isaiah Peel, Becky Johnson, Tiffany and Jacob Bateson (Third Place)


Will Smith’s Backhand: Jordan Sparks, Vi Dang, Fernando Martinez, and Amanda Ades (Second Place)


4 Skinnee Js: Jonathan Freeman, Jason Walker, Ali Jorn, and Jenny Schmidt (Champions) – I actually met Jenny at the WPT Kansas City Classic pickleball tournament at Elite this summer. I played against her in both doubles and singles. This woman is a beast and truly lives up to her “The Legend” nickname. I met Jason at the Shangri-la tournament. I had not met their other teammates before this weekend.

I just love going to tournaments seeing people I’ve met before, hanging out with friends, and making new ones. This year has been full of experiences like this one. I’m hoping next year brings even more of these moments but, before that, we are going to end the year with a bang at the One Last Dink pickleball team event at the Pickle Club. Check back for an update next weekend. GNG.

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