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Bringing Back Queen of Court

Posted on December 10, 2022 by under Pickleball.    

Back in 2020, when I first started getting into pickleball, we used to have a group of ladies that met regularly at Chicken N Pickle early on Saturday mornings for what we referred to as “Queen of Court” play. It was essentially a ladder group, where when you win, you move up a court, and when you lose, you move down a court. Partners split after each round so you get to play with various partners during the session. It was one of my absolute favorite play groups. However, I had to give it up when I started teaching Saturday morning Aqua Zumba classes. Jenny Cole took it over for a while and was organizing the groups but then it just kind of fell apart. I eventually gave up my Saturday morning Aqua Zumba class but I was getting even more into pickleball and found myself out of town a lot on weekends for pickleball tournaments so even though I really missed the group and wanted to bring it back, I didn’t have the capacity to do it because of my crazy schedule.

Fast forward to a few months ago, when I saw a video of my Tanner Rice crowning a “King of Court” at one of his DUPR events… It brought back memories of our old “Queen of Court” days which I have missed and gave me the idea to combine it with a DUPR session. I had hosted several DUPR sessions over the summer before my tournament schedule got insanely crazy. Over the last few weeks, my schedule calmed down enough to where I could actually squeeze in a women’s only DUPR session. I bought a very special crown just for the occasion.


We held our first official one with the crown in October. I remember Cindy Egan having a last minute emergency and asking Brandi Richardson fill in for her and Brandi ended up winning the crown the night.


Since Brandi was the queen, she got to decide when the next QoC would be. She had a bunch of travel in November so we couldn’t have our second one until November 28. I generally don’t like to win my own events but I think I was still so pumped from my #DUPRDoubleDib weekend so I ended up doing really well and winning. So now I’m the reigning queen, at least, until Monday, December 12, when we have our next QoC session. I’m not playing in it this time (unless someone backs out last minute) so there is no way for me to possibly win.


I’m looking forward to passing the our beautiful crown to the next winner. Good luck to all the ladies playing for the crown on Monday! GNG.

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