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Smash 5 Pickleball Tournament

Posted on December 6, 2022 by under Events, Pickleball.    

I had the opportunity to play in Gene Click’s Smash pickleball tournament for the first time last year and, even though I didn’t bring home any hardware from that tournament, I had so much fun that I vowed I would return. This was the fifth year for Smash and my second time participating. And, I’m proud to report that I did bring home home medal this time.

Here are pics of me and my awesome women’s doubles partner Nicole Mathis.


We had the potential to take silver because we actually beat Deana Holman and Kali Wilson (aka Team Razzle Dazzle) in the main bracket but they ended up beating us when we had to rematch in the bronze medal match. Ultimately, I was happy with how we performed and glad that I was able to earn a bronze medal with my first time partner.


I first met Nicole at the WPT Kansas City Pickleball Classic tournament in Overland Park this summer. She and her partner ended up taking silver, while Kimberly Howe and I took bronze. I just loved her sense of humor and was super excited when she agreed to play in the Smash tournament with me. It is her first tournament in the state of Oklahoma so I felt quite special that she was willing to venture out of her bubble to play with me.


Nicole is just the right amount of goofy and she loves pictures just as much (if not more) than I do. I had so much fun with her both on and off court.


For mixed doubles on Saturday, I played with Isaiah “Big Z” McAllister (the youngest of the McAllister kids). I was originally signed up for 4.0 35+ with Jason Doll and already had visions of sitting atop the Smash medal podium but, alas, it was not to be. Jason had been nursing a knee injury and he wasn’t sure he could play both days. Ultimately, he chose to play with Ramon Lozano in men’s doubles on Friday and skip mixed doubles. Totally fair since the two of them were set to play together in the Diamond Amateur Championships and could use the additional practice. That left me without a mixed doubles partner but, luckily, Karen McAllister was able to loan me one of her children. Isaiah was already signed up for 4.5 19+ (I think by then 4.0 19+ was already full) so I ended up not only having to play with someone I’ve never played with before (essentially a “blind date” except that I know that he comes from a great pickleball family and we did meet on Thursday night for open play) but also playing down in age and up in skill. So yeah, I basically made my path to the podium a lot tougher.


Isaiah and I didn’t make the podium (it was a tough bracket) but we did have a couple of great games considering we’d never played together before. I really didn’t want to play 4.5 because I knew Ramon was playing 4.5 and — this never fails — every single time we are in the same bracket he ends up being my first round match (because the universe hates me). And so, I’m immediately sent into the back draw. However, Isaiah and I actually won our first round (13-11, 11-8) which is amazing because it’s the first time ever that I’ve come out on top playing against Ramon.


Our next match was against Morgan Douglas and Matt Mauldin. Matt is a 5.0 player so we had absolutely no chance but we actually scored a decent amount of points against them. Our 6-11, 9-11 loss was quite respectable considering our opponents’ experience and skill level compared to ours.

Honestly, I’d rather not play 19+ if I can help it but Isaiah was such a pleasure to play with that I would totally make an exception if he asked me to team up in the future. I cannot recall another time that I had this much fun playing with anyone and I’ve been really blessed to have had an opportunity to play with some really great partners. Best. Blind Date. Ever.

I have lots more to get you caught up on so come back soon! Until next time, GNG.

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