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The Fabulous Fleshtones at Dukes

Posted on April 26, 2009 by under Flickr.    

IMG_4070The Fabulous Fleshtones pictured above (clockwise from top left): Herb, Doug, Mel, Larry, and Jim.

Brian and I went to Dukes Bar and Grill last night to watch The Fabulous Fleshtones (also known as The Family Band to close friends and family) perform. We got to listen to some of their new songs, and I must say they are living up to their moniker because they did sound fabulous.


During intermission I checked out the copy of Prospector Nightlife laying on the table and found the picture of them I edited on Picnik. Jim said that he brought those copies to show me the ad. I wish they had professional photos and I wish I had professional photo editing software and professional editing skills so that I could do more for them. The picture in Prospector Nightlife didn’t turn out too bad, though, all things considered.

I took a few photos last night (and some videos, which are posted on YouTube if you want to check them out). A slideshow is attached below. Enjoy!

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