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My Bartlesville Results

Posted on October 31, 2022 by under Pickleball.    

In the Bartlesville Pickleball Classic tournament a couple of weeks ago, I competed in 50/50 Advanced Mixed Doubles on Friday, 4.0 19+ Women’s Doubles on Saturday, and 4.0 19+ Mixed Doubles on Sunday. My results were not stellar that weekend but I will share them anyway.

Chris and Ching

Chris Wilson and I reunited and teamed up for the 50/50 event. I didn’t even realize it until today but I guess I’ve written about Chris a couple of times in this blog. LOL. The first time in 2020 and then the second time earlier this year.

The funny thing is when we signed up for Advanced 50/50, we thought it would be more like 4.0 level. When the confirmation email came out the week of the tournament, it showed 4.5 and above. We tried to move down to Intermediate 50/50 but it was too late to make any changes so we were stuck. It turned out okay though, because we ended getting 4th out of 8 teams (7 if you count the forfeit).


There were some amazing players in this group so I am not at all heartbroken about not making the podium. Then again, do I ever really get heartbroken about losing?

Even when Jenny Corley and I went 0-2 in women’s, I wasn’t really too update. The bracket seeding was a little wonky and then we had to play outside, which I’m not really fond of at all. I made some terrible shot choices and we just couldn’t get it together. This was our 3rd time playing together so I know we are both perfectly capable of performing better, but just an off day. And it happens.

Michael Douglas

On Sunday, I played mixed with 2nd time partner Michael Douglas who I hadn’t seen or played with since we played together last year in Smash. I met him in the ICT Classic pickleball tournament that same year (June 2021) when I played with Mason McCanless and he played with Deana Holman. He seemed pretty cool and we both seemed to appreciate the other’s style of play so we agreed to team up for Smash in the fall of that year.

Speaking of Deana, I’ve gotten to know her a little better over the past year. She and our other friends from Bartlesville (Kumar Krishnan and Brent and Karen Taylor) came up and played in my Rotary club’s Picklemania tournament in May. And then she let me stay with her for the Bartlesville tournament. It was so fun staying with Deana and meeting her husband Kent. They also hosted our friend Missina Sharp from Joplin and the Kents (Cody and Dana) from Springfield. It was great to all be able to hang out together and visit.

Besides the great food (I really liked the pork shoulder that Kent smoked), the endless hot water (they have a tankless system), and their wonderful hospitality, my favorite part of the weekend was bonding with their dog Stella who is so very sweet.


She would let me cuddle with her at night and come over for belly rubs and scratches in the morning when she knew I was awake. Saki doesn’t cuddle so I enjoyed this aspect of my stay at the Holman’s immensely.

Despite my tournament results (or lack thereof), the weekend I spent in Bartlesville was such a memorable one. I am so happy for all of my friends who made the podium. I had the opportunity to reconnect with friends I’d met at other tournaments and strengthen relationships with many of them. I also made several new friends, including a four-legged one. I mean, what more could I ask for?

Until next time, GNG.

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