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Significant Moments of 2008

Posted on January 2, 2009 by under Life.    

This is the obligatory end of year recap.

  • Tweetups. We had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people via Twitter.
  • Completing the remodel of spare bedroom number 1. It only took a year because we kept procrastinating.
  • Going on the 2008 WPTAPL Halloween poker cruise. You can preview our photobook here, and purchase a copy here.
  • Manny Pacquiao defeats Oscar de la Hoya. Just had to add that to the list. Pinoy pride, pare!
  • Ching’s first time voting. Ching was naturalized a few years ago, but voted for the very first time in the 2008 elections. Brian still refuses to exercise his rights.
  • Cory and April’s Vegas wedding. Brian and Ching take a trip to Sin City to witness the nuptials. It is Brian’s first time in Vegas and he decided that he hates it.
  • Eddy’s bungles an oil change and almost kills Bebot.
  • Ching got to shoot some guns at the KMMH open house in August, and has videos to prove it.
  • Memorial weekend in Kansas City. There will be no more pleasure trips (business trips will still continue, unfortunately) for a while until the home remodel is finished.
  • Ching completed her MBA. There will be no more school for a while either.
  • Ching is inducted to Beta Gamma Sigma. This is a big deal because she did not get invited as an undergrad. Now she’s a member. Go, Ching!
  • Ching tears up the Western sales region’s poker tournament at Viega’s national sales meeting. The only woman in the tournament got second place and almost took down the whole tournament. The men were not pleased. Ching’s winnings were donated to the Relay for Life fundraising cause at Viega.
  • Brian left LSI and moved on to greener pastures. He started his first day at Viega by going to the airport and flying to their office in New Hampshire.

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