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Dinner at the Dill’s

Posted on January 4, 2005 by under Life, Poker.    

Dinner at the Dill’s was a lot of fun. It was informal and relaxed. Overall, I think everyone (Jason, Jay, Becca, Brian and I) had a good time. Except, Jason really needs to get himself a girlfriend because this wife-swapping thing doesn’t work on odd-numbered groups. I’m kidding!

There was no wife-swapping. The guys just played video games while Becca and I talked about her and Jay. It turns out we’ve got a lot more than just our love for poker in common. Her and Jay have been together about the same length of time that Brian and I have. Incidentally, they were married in August 2002 also. It was an outdoor, garden wedding just like ours. Becca seems really nice and easy to get along with and she says funny things like “FO-BE (instead of pronouncing PHOEBE the proper way) Cates,” “Calvin and HOBBIES,” and “You guys seem pretty cool SO FAR.” That last one was in reference to the challenges they’ve faced in finding other couples to befriend and hang out with.

I can relate because making new friends is not really my forte. I mean, I’m really easy going and it’s rare that I’ll meet someone that I truly don’t like. I pretty much fall in love with every single person I meet. I just adore people – which is why Brian thinks I’m a social junkie. The problem is other people don’t seem to like me. Perhaps there is something abrasive about my personality? Or I’m just embarrassing to be around? Who knows? If they don’t like me then so be it. I can amuse myself.

So anyway, the Dill’s are pretty cool. We munched on meat queso that Brian made. Tostitos Scoops are awesome for this! Jay cooked some chicken quesadillas. It was great. Afterwards they had some cookies and candy that Jay’s mom had sent to them. We played some Trivial Pursuit DVD (which, incidentally is 25% off right now at Amazon so it would make a great post-Christmas gift – hint, hint). You know how I am about trivia. I totally dug it. Jay won the first round and then I took the second round with “Los Del Rio” (the question was who sang Macarena?). I was so excited about winning that I jumped up and down and almost peed my pants. LOL!

Mark me down for two more new friends. Of course, until they decide that I’m too obnoxious to hang with.

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