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Our First AirBnB Experience

Posted on July 7, 2022 by under Travel.    

I’d been trying to convince Brian to use an AirBnB for years. Being a very paranoid person, he was always hesitant. He preferred to stay in hotels. Always. For our most recent trip to St. Louis, we didn’t have a choice. Hotels were crazy expensive around the time of our trip due to some very popular baseball games. The same hotel that we stayed at last year that we paid about $120 per night for cost twice that amount. That’s how I finally managed to convince Brian to try an AirBnB.


Brian pored over several options with me one night and we decided on a two bedroom and one bath carriage house within walking distance from the tournament venue. We shared the rental with our friend Chris Wilson who took one of the bedrooms. Brian and I took the other. It worked out great.


The place was nice enough but the location was absolutely perfect. I thought the giraffe in our closet was strange so I took a pic with it, but it was actually part of a game that our hosts had cooked up. You had to correctly guess the number of giraffes in the apartment. It kept us entertained one day when we were stuck inside due to rain. We went room to room and looked in every nook and cranny, counting all the giraffes. We got it right and won a bottle of wine, which we couldn’t claim because we were leaving the next morning. I guess we will just have to claim it on our next trip back — except the Middle States Diamond Regional pickleball tournament is moving to Springfield next year so it won’t be in St. Louis. I’m sure we will come up with another reason to visit.


Our first AirBnB experience was a huge success overall. I finally convinced Brian that AirBnBs are the way to go if we want to save money on future trips. Besides, it’s easier to find an AirBnB that is pet friendly so we could even bring Saki with us rather than boarding her, which I always feel really bad about. Anyway, that’s all for now. Until next time, GNG.

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    Life-Changing Cheddar Grits  on July 8, 2022

    […] checking out Songbird out if you’re ever in the St. Louis area. I plan to return one day, when we go back to claim the bottle of wine we won from our AirBnB host. LOL. Until next time, […]

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