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Noche Buena

Posted on December 26, 2004 by under Family.    

It seemed like it had been forever since we came to visit mom and dad. Their house looks so different now than the last time we came over. They hadn’t put the Christmas decorations up then, and the furniture was arranged differently. I guess now that mom and dad are both at home most of the time they’ve got more time to do stuff with the house. Mom and dad (yes, dad is getting into it too; mom managed to get him to paint the master bedroom and master bathroom) are in a redecorating and reorganizing frenzy. Aah, the perks of working from home.

Noche Buena was nice. Matt, Logan and Jude came per usual. Ray and Tito Don came too. It was nice. Mom had tons of food. Way more than she has ever prepared and served in the past. The selection of American and Filipino foods was vast. Everything was yummy. And my belly was very, very happy.

Speaking of family gatherings, my grandmother’s tourist visa application got approved. It’s only good for a year, though. But they’ve given her as long as six months to stay. She’s coming in March. It will be her first time traveling outside of the country so she is traveling with some of our relatives who live in New Jersey. Mom and dad are then flying to New Jersey to come pick her up. And then the three of them are going back home to the Philippines later in the year so she won’t have to travel by herself at all.

I’m so excited! Since she’s staying for six months, she’ll be able to attend the June ball and meet all the other Filipino folks. I’m looking forward for her to meet Brian also. And, of course, I’m sure she’s anxious to see her very first great grandchild Logan. I love when relatives come to visit us! News of her upcoming visit is the best news I’ve heard in a while. What a great Christmas!

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