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Mokas – New Favorite Breakfast Spot

Posted on April 22, 2022 by under Food and Drink.    

Ever since my first visit to Mokas, it has quickly become my favorite breakfast spot. I loved it so much that I brought Brian there on Saturday before going to Tulip Time Festival at Botanica (more on this later).


As is his normal MO, Brian got the biscuits and gravy.


I had the chipotle breakfast sandwich which my friend Chris Townley had on an earlier visit. I remember having the breakfast slider, which was also good, but envying the big, beautiful breakfast sandwich that had two fried eggs, two sausage patties, and bacon. I decided that I would get that mouth-watering sandwich on my next trip to Mokas and that’s exactly what I did.


This is a picture of Chris’ sandwich. I ate my breakfast slider that morning, but secretly wished I had ordered the sandwich instead. LOL.


Here’s a picture of the slider but the chipotle breakfast sandwich was even better. If you can imagine that.


I’ve yet to try all they have to offer but I’ve pretty much decided that the chipotle breakfast sandwich is my favorite. Even Brian is convinced that’s what he’ll get the next time we are there. The fact that their biscuits and gravy is not nearly as good as Great Harvest’s probably helped him come to that conclusion.


On our last visit, we ran into the Albarracins which was an added bonus. This place is definitely worth checking out. Besides the chipotle breakfast sandwich, their coffee is pretty good too. Until next time, GNG.

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