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Jen’s Initiation

Posted on December 22, 2004 by under Poker.    

Jen played poker for money for the first time tonight. As the beginner’s luck fairy would have it, she kicked ass. As of right now, she’s in the top three (in the money and chip leader at that) positions and my ass is at home blogging. I hope she wins because I want to get her hooked on poker just as I got her hooked on booze many, many years ago. Just kidding. I had nothing to do with her chronic alcoholism.

Of course, Jen is not even close to being drunk but Jason was almost desperately trying to convince me that she was. He’s like, “How’s she going to get home?” I’m like, “She’s fine. Trust me.” I think he wanted me to say “Oh yeah, good point. Let’s convince her to spend the night at your place.” He freakin’ has no couch.

This is a classic example of the male ploy: let’s take advantage of the drunk girl.

One problem: the girl is not quite drunk enough. Jen would need to consume a lot more alcohol for that plan to even have a chance of succeeding.

But then, it wouldn’t be so bad for the two of them to hook up. Jen and Ray are, after all, kinda-sorta on the outs.. Not quite sure where they stand at this point.. So by all intents and purposes, she is a free woman.

So anyway, Brian schnaggled his way out of racquetball tonight and, it turns out, he is trying to make another play at getting out of racquetball tomorrow night. Instead of playing just the late session at Heroes, we are now playing BOTH sessions. That just scooted racquetball right out of the picture. As you know, I’m a poker addict first and foremost, so if anything can get me to cancel racquetball that would be poker. It seems Brian has found my Achilles’ heel and he is totally using it against me. Or perhaps he has known my weakness all along and has finally decided to use it to his advantage.

At any rate, if anyone wants to play racquetball I’ve got a court reserved from 8p to 10p at the North YMCA which will not be used. It’s under Brubaker and Hoffman if anyone wants to use it. Enjoy!

I’ll be at Heroes. It’ll be my first time back in the APL circuit – a long awaited return that I’ve been looking forward to for months now. I’m still mad that Fingers shut down but I’m sure I’ll find a new favorite poker place. See you all around.

UPDATE: Okay, Jen just called. She won first place!! You go, girl! Awesome job for a first time! But then, now that you have been kissed by the beginner’s luck fairy, you may not be so lucky tomorrow. LOL!  

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