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Dining by the Alphabet – Part C

Posted on April 6, 2022 by under Food and Drink.    

It’s taking us quite some time to do this whole “Dining by the Alphabet” thing. Part of it is, we don’t want to count any places when we are doing takeout — we have to dine in and we have to purposely go specifically for the dining project. Like if we happen to eat somewhere that starts with the correct letter but we didn’t plan to use it for the project, then it doesn’t count. For instance, if we happened to eat at Carrabba’s because we eat there all the time and it works for the letter C, we’re not going to count it just to cross off a letter. We are going to purposely select a place that either we’ve never visited or we don’t visit all the time. Thus, we started with Albero Bistro for the letter A and then Blue Hook for the letter B.

We had a couple of options for the letter C — Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, where we haven’t been in years, or College Hill Deli, where Brian has never been.


As you can see from this awesome mural, we ended up choosing College Hill Deli. Here’s a picture of Brian carefully studying the menu because it’s his first time there. Although, I don’t know what he does since he usually gets the same thing at every Mediterranean restaurant we visit.


The interior space of the restaurant is not huge but they do have outdoor patio seating which is great on nice days.


We began our dining adventure with a plate of hummus with chicken. Their hummus is great and one of the best in town. The chicken had excellent flavor.


Brian got the chicken shawarma wrap with fries. Surprise, surprise.


I got the chicken biryani, which was excellent.


College Hill Deli has a dessert case stocked with all sorts of delicious pies. We didn’t have room for dessert on this visit but Brian and I decided we will have to have pie next time. The chicken and hummus was quite filling so we could just have that and dessert and be completely satisfied.


We have many more letters of the alphabet to go to complete this project but, suffice it to say, Brian’s first time at College Hill Deli was a huge success. He loved the food and it’s definitely going to be one of our go to places for the future. Until next time, GNG.

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