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Racquetball was a Bust

Posted on December 17, 2004 by under Games.    

Racquetball was a bust naturally.  I intended to play for two and half hours.  Of course, I would be playing with Brian alone so I had my doubts.

I won the first game. As in, totally whooped his ass.  Second game, Brian won 16-14.  I gave it to him. I didn’t want him to feel impotent or anything. Third game, I won again. He was totally whooped.

Brian decides he is out of breath and has had enough. Typical. He sits in the corner while I play by myself, just hitting the ball against the wall. I have him count how many times I can hit the ball against the wall without messing up.

Just so you all know, I’m not really any good at racquetball so I can barely break six on this silly play-by-yourself-because-Brian-is-too-tired-to-play-with-you game. It’s really boring and stupid and I hate it. I hate that he gets tired so easily.

So I get totally bored and I figure that he’s had enough rest so I tell him, if I can get to 15 he must get up and play with me again. Brian, assuming perhaps that I wouldn’t be able to do it, readily agrees. I fail several times, barely even getting to 10, but I persevere. I get to 12 finally and almost mess up but I recover and get all the way to 24. Go me! Brian doesn’t have a choice but to start playing again.

At least, his word is good.

He’s all grumpy and whiny as he gets up. We hadn’t even resumed playing again and he’s already whining about wanting to go eat at Chipotle (his favorite place to eat these days) and stuff. It’s barely even 8:00 pm, mind you! Our court reservation was from 7:00 to 9:30 pm. In my frustration and utter complacency, I challenge him to a bet.

Overwhelmed by my own misplaced cockiness I go, “You win this game and we’re done. You won’t have to play anymore.”

“Eat at Chipotle?” he asks, with as much excitement as he can muster. If you’ve ever met Brian, you know that he’s not the most expressive person. It’s like getting excited almost takes too much energy.  He is the antithesis of me.  I say this because everyone knows, I am highly excitable.  I’m all the way to the right of the periodic table, trust me.

“Sure.  You can do whatever you want.” I was oozing with arrogance. I oozed it like a brand new tube of toothpaste. I’m soo evil!

Anyway, big mistake!

After the first couple of rallies, I knew I was in trouble. Yes, you heard me right.  Brian freakin’ rallied! He was all over the place, returning almost every freakin’ hit. I was flabbergasted!  Whoa!  Where did this come from?

“Why don’t you ever play like this normally? You’re so much more fun to play with when you play this way.” I egged him on, and I shouldn’t have. I was down, but all I could think of was – wow, this is so much fun! I thought to myself, even if I lose it would be worthwhile because he’s ten times more fun to play with when he plays this way. Of course, I was still of the belief that I could catch up at any time and whoop his ass.

Needless to say I lost.  And then it wasn’t so amusing anymore. I must’ve given Brian one of those evil glares that I am known for because he goes, “What?”

“I wanted the game to be more challenging, but I didn’t want to fuckin’ lose!” Ugh! I will get him next time.  Now that I know how to motivate him to play, we’re going to have so much fun from now on!

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