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Some Photo Highlights from Yesterday

Posted on April 12, 2009 by under Flickr, Things to Do.    

We found out that the pavilion was named after Westar Energy because the Green Team (and most specially Steve Vaughn) helped build the flight pen for the bald eagles, the restrooms, and the pavilion itself.

Ken Lockwood (above) is the program director of the Eagle Valley Raptor Center.

Ken with Herman Munster, their turkey vulture.

Ken with Sierra, their red-tailed hawk.

This is Turnpike, their American kestrel.

This is a video of Turnpike flying to Ken and his food.

Brian, in the screech owl pen. The screech owls were our favorite.

Screech owls Twister and Tidbit. Aren’t they the cutest?

Everyone taking pictures of the screech owls.

Annie, their barred owl. She is surrogate mom to two baby owls. KAKE News did a news report of Annie’s introduction to the orphaned owls. Check out the video here.

Miley Cyrus, their barn owl (also known as monkey-faced owl), is beautiful. Besides having the opportunity to photograph her outside of the pen, we also got a chance to touch his soft feathers.

Jan, petting Miley Cyrus. Her feathers are very, very soft.

Ken with Kili, a peregrine falcon that was recently taken to the Raptor Center by a hunter. The peregrine falcon clipped its wing on a power line.

These are the great horned owls that were orphaned during the ice storm. Believe it or not, these are babies. Ken said they eat like pigs because they are growing. It costs him almost $40 a day just to feed these baby owls. Great horned owls grow to be pretty large. They are not at all tiny and cute like the screech owls. As soon as the babies are mature enough to hunt prey on their own, they will be released.

This is a mature great horned owl named Templeton.



Brian says the eagle’s nest display was an easy ten feet in diameter.

Tundra, their snowy owl.

Ken, speaking to our group in front of Tundra’s flight pen.

Ken inside the golden eagle’s flight pen. The golden eagle’s name is Talon.

WaSu, a bald eagle, was taken to the Raptor Center after being shot in the wing.

This is a picture of Cessna, a female bald eagle. In birds the females are typically larger than the males of their species. Cessna is much, much larger than WaSu.

Inside the bald eagles’ flight pen, Brian observes while Jan is feverishly snapping pictures in the background. I think she was able to capture some amazing photos with her fancy camera. I can’t wait to see them.

Anyway, these are the highlights of yesterday’s day trip to Eagle Valley Raptor Center. If you guys have never been out there, it is definitely worth the drive. The tours are by appointment only so please be sure to call ahead of time.

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