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Thanksgiving 2021

Posted on December 1, 2021 by under Family.    

For many years I’ve been trying to convince Brian to just go to a Thanksgiving buffet for Thanksgiving lunch instead of making food at home and he never would agree. This year, I finally managed to convince him. We looked over several restaurants offering Thanksgiving buffets and finally settled on YaYa’s.

It was the best idea ever. We didn’t have to spend hours preparing or cooking food and cleaning up after. We just went and enjoyed lots of amazing food (and a pitcher of mimosa) and then went home and enjoyed some games with grandma. It was absolutely perfect since it was just the three of us.


After lunch, we taught grandma how to play Mexican train dominoes and then finished with ten rounds of Uno. Grandma was off to a great start and won three games straight. Brian and I eventually caught up and were in a three-way tie with three wins each. Brian won the final round and was the ultimate winner.

However, the real winner of the day was me because I finally got my way of simply going out to eat for Thanksgiving. We are going to YaYa’s for Thanksgiving every year from now on. LOL. Until next time. GNG.

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