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Drinks with Leadership Wichita Classmates

Posted on October 19, 2021 by under Food and Drink.    


Met Bill Ramsey, Jessica Dunbar, and Teresa Veazey at the Candle Club for drinks before Nahola league yesterday. I normally live in pickleball gear but figured I should try to look somewhat normal last night. I had to figure out something to wear that looks like streetwear but I could still play in. I decided to go with my Vuori lux romper. It’s super comfortable. I’ve actually played pickleball in it before. However, paired with a jacket, it looks like regular street clothes. If you didn’t realize it already, “athleisure” really is a thing.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t have Aqua Zumba last night. I gave up teaching on Monday nights starting in October. A few months ago, the Nahola owners announced they were selling.

I’m not sure what the place will be when it gets sold and the new owners take over, so I decided to pull the trigger and give up my Monday night class. For as long as I’ve been a member at Nahola, my Monday night class has been the biggest obstacle that’s prevented me from participating in the league. When Nahola gets sold and pickleball there is no more, I don’t want to have missed out on playing in the Monday night league. I decided that it’s now or never. I’m going to try to play on Monday nights going forward until it’s no longer an option. #NoRegrets


The Candle Club actually has pretty good happy hour. We had egg rolls and onion rings. The other cheap food option was chicken livers which is not really my thing. Honestly, I’m not a fan of onion rings either. Teresa was the one who ordered it. Jessica and I both ordered egg rolls.


They gave you a decent amount of onion rings for $6.


Some of their drinks are half-priced during happy hour so I ordered a $4 glass of red sangria. I really didn’t need it before league but it was cheap and I wanted to see what their sangria is like. It’s not as good as mine so I’m glad I only paid $4 for it.

Only the four of us made it this time. We usually have a better turnout. It’s still pretty good though. I think we are the only #LeadershipWichita class that continues to meet on a regular basis. We were in the class of 2014. To have survived the pandemic (we really didn’t meet at all last year) and still be meeting regularly seven years later is a tremendous feat. Our “cruise director” Jessica is a rockstar and deserves all the credit.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Until next time. GNG.

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