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Happy Hour with Pickleball Pals

Posted on September 20, 2021 by under Food and Drink, Hobbies.    


We managed to talk Jody into coming out for drinks on her birthday weekend. We had happy hour at the Belmont, my absolute favorite place to drink pretty drinks.


They also make very photogenic and delicious bruschetta.


I didn’t get pictures of drinks this time because I already have several pictures of all of their fancy cocktails from previous visits. I did get pictures of some of our food.



After happy hour, Jen and I had the brilliant idea to go to Seneca Park for singles. Janelle apparently had the same idea because she was playing when I arrived. It was a nice night so the park was full of players. There wasn’t an empty court for singles so we ended up playing doubles with Dan Kautz and Erik Rasmussen.

I was very confused why Erik was there but, as I had already consumed a few drinks, I didn’t let the thought occupy my brain too long. Erik did manage to rattle my brain fog when he hit me with his serve. I’ve unintentionally hit people with my serve before but I’ve never been a victim of a Nasty Nelson myself until now. What hurt more than the impact of the ball on my belly was that he did this to me on purpose. What the heck?

Anyway, people started to leave and a couple of courts opened up so Jen and I were eventually able to play our singles as we planned. However, I caught Erik about to hit me again from the next court over. I gave him the evil eye and, much to my surprise, it was an effective deterrent.

A couple of days later, in a quest to figure out how I became a victim of a Nasty Nelson, I asked Dan what the heck Erik was doing at open play. I guess the two of them had the same idea as Jen and me. They went to the park hoping to find an open court for singles. I would say great minds think alike but I refuse to elevate Dan and Erik’s brains in that way. This was pure coincidence.

By the way, for someone who doesn’t play much singles, Jen is really good at it. Either that or, since singles leagues have ended, I’ve started to really suck at it. I refuse to believe that I’m awful at singles (because I enjoy it so much) so let’s just say Jen is a natural and leave it at that.

Random visits to Seneca Park are fun but that day reminded me of why I don’t drink and play pickleball (or why I shouldn’t). Until next time, GNG.

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