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Sunday Fun-Day at the Belmont

Posted on August 23, 2021 by under Food and Drink.    


The Belmont is hands-down our current favorite happy hour destination. They have this drink there called “rackhouse” that is like an old fashioned and Brian absolutely loves it.


I sometimes wish he would look at me like he’s looking at this this drink. =P


No happy hour trip to the Belmont is ever complete without the cheese course.


I have tried all of the specialty cocktails they make at the Belmont and they are all very good. The “calumet” is my favorite but I also like the “violets femmes” (pictured above without the signature flower). I know the flower is just for decoration but this drink is never as good without it.


We decided to get dessert this time which was a shortbread cookie with chocolate mouse and strawberries. It was good but I think I would have preferred an actual strawberry shortcake and had this on a moist sponge cake (pound cake?). If only I knew how (or had a desire) to make my own stuff then we wouldn’t have to go out and rely on the food that others make. Until next time, GNG.

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