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Ron Ponder Sighting

Posted on August 9, 2021 by under Community.    


My friend and favorite ref Ron Ponder was in town earlier this week. I hadn’t played in the morning at Seneca Park since the big fiasco with the “complainers” several weeks ago but I had to make an exception because this guy is pretty special. He was originally not arriving until 8 AM but he left his house in Oklahoma super early so he could play with us at 6 AM. This guy is the real deal and the coolest ever!


I had to wrap up and head to work well before 8 AM but at least I got to play one game with him. I am so grateful to everyone willing to get up early so they can play with me. I can’t play all morning like the retired peeps so, if people weren’t willing to play super early (before work), I wouldn’t be able to play at all.


Bill (who you can’t really tell from this pic because of the sunshine on his head), Lonnie, and Janelle decided to come and play early also. I just love these peeps. They are so fun! It was a great morning for pickleball and probably my last morning (aka before work play) for the season. Until next time. GNG.

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