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It’s Official, Ching is a Jewelry Maker

Posted on March 23, 2009 by under Projects.    


The other day (Saturday) Becca asked me to shorten a couple of necklaces for her. I told her that I would do one better: I would shorten the necklaces and use the excess beads to make earrings! Anyway, I told her that I would need some time to complete her custom jewelry project because I have an online jewelry store now and I have to build my store inventory. She was like, no problem just so long as the jewelry would be ready in time for their trip to Sandals St. Lucia in three weeks.

Guess what. Both necklaces are finished. I did the one shown above last night and I finished the other tonight. Despite having drank a whole liter of sangria with dinner, I was able to work on the jewelry. LOL. Maybe I could have done a better job if I wasn’t a little tipsy. I did take some shortcuts.

For instance, I just fastened each end instead of restringing the necklaces. I hate stringing beads. That is so tedious. I think that’s why I only make earrings. Earrings are so much more fun to make than necklaces! LOL.

Anyway, it’s official. I’m a bonafide jewelry maker now!

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  • Replies to "It’s Official, Ching is a Jewelry Maker"


    Jo  on March 25, 2009

    Great Job!!!

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