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Feeling Spontaneous

Posted on July 22, 2021 by under Food and Drink, Travel.    

Brian and I were feeling spontaneous this past weekend and decided to drive up to Topeka. We had to reschedule our nail appointment but Saturday was truly the perfect day to do it because the pickleball tournament portion of Sunflower State Games was going on. It basically allowed me to kill two birds with one stone. Brian has never been to Wheel Barrel, one of my most favorite restaurants in Topeka, so I could take him there and then also catch some Sunflower State Games matches.


I got a pic with Kim Knotts and Karen Fox to prove that I was there. 😉

I tried to watch as many matches as I could but Brian was getting hangry and put his foot down so we finally had to leave and go to the restaurant. I texted my friend Tom who lives nearby and he met us at the Wheel Barrel.


Tom is a regular at the restaurant. He even has his own beer mug on the wall labeled “Tom Terrific.” We were already seated when he arrived. When he came in, the server greeted him by name and when he came to sit at our table she was like, “You didn’t tell me that the friend meeting you is Tom!” I made a mental note to drop his name on future visits.


It was great to see Tom. It’s been too long. Anyway, here are some pictures of the sandwiches that Brian and I had.


I had the Monte Cristo which is one of their award-winning sandwiches while Brian had the Hangover sandwich, which is everyone’s favorite.


The Wheel Barrel has amazing sandwiches and they also have yummy cocktails. Brian didn’t drink because he was driving. I think we will have to return sometime when we are staying overnight.

There are a few more restaurants that I used to frequent when I spent a lot of time working in Topeka that I want Brian to try so we will definitely need to make another trip. For now, we can cross the Wheel Barrel off the list.

Until next time, GNG.

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