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Phantom Canyon Brewing

Posted on July 12, 2021 by under Food and Drink, Travel.    

We tried to hit as many breweries as we could while we were in Colorado so on Sunday night we went to check out Phantom Canyon Brewing in downtown Colorado Springs. I didn’t get any outside pictures because it was rainy that day so all I have is this one pic of inside the restaurant.


I did get some pictures of our food, though.


Brian got the beer cheese soup because he likes to get it anywhere that it’s offered. Plus, he wanted to compare it to the a similar soup at Cerberus. I think the verdict is that the Cerberus version is better.


He also got pretzels and cheese which is what he likes to order when he’s not that hungry. I got the fish and chips.


I don’t remember what drink Brian got but I’m pretty sure it was a porter. He was in a bit of a porter kick while we were in Colorado.


We had some leftovers which I wanted to give to a homeless person. However, Colorado is one of those places where you can’t just give food to someone who looks homeless because they could be a hipster.

Anyway, we ended up driving back to Monument Valley Park and putting our leftovers on top of one of the trash cans. We had seen some homeless people digging through a specific one at the park so we put our bag of leftovers there, just on the outside lip of the trash can so they wouldn’t have to dig all the way down in it to find food.

This ended up being our final dinner in Colorado. We thought we were going to stay one more night and leave on Tuesday morning but my singles event ended up finishing early and the hotel allowed us to check out after 2 PM without penalty. Brian and I hurried to pack up and check out before they changed their mind because it saved us $200 to leave a day early.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for this trip. I’m pretty sure we will be back soon. Colorado is a fun place to visit. Until then, GNG.

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