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Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Posted on May 19, 2021 by under Food and Drink, Hobbies.    

The weather decided to rain on our parade this past weekend. We were gearing up for a super awesome tournament — the first one for our Rotary club — on Saturday, May 15, but the weather report called for rain all weekend so we ended up moving Picklemania MMXXI to June 19 instead.

I was supposed to play in the afternoon group so then I had nothing to do. Thankfully my friend Seth organized mixed play at Riverside Tennis Center and invited me so I at least got some pickleball play in that day. We played inside the bubble because it was supposed to rain all day but the courts had dried for the most part and the weather was beautiful so we could have totally played outside. Looking back, I was thinking we could have totally still had the tournament and simply pushed everything back a couple of hours but we had no idea that it would be as dry as it was. The forecast for the day was scattered showers all day long so we were afraid that we would be starting and stopping games.

We should have known better than to heed the weather forecast. Brian has this joke that he should have gone to school for meteorology. He said it’s the only job in the world where you can be wrong 100% of the time and not get fired.

Anyway, here is a video from Friday play. I actually did pretty well all things considered. I lost very few games. We were doing a “winners stay and split” format so I basically had to keep playing until I lost. I still hadn’t lost when I quit playing but decided I wanted to take a break so I gave up my spot.

I worked up an appetite playing pickleball and the rainy weather that really wasn’t somehow made me crave crab legs so I asked Brian to take me to Blue Hook Cajun on 21st and Webb. I really liked it when I went with my girlfriends from Leadership Wichita and I’ve been wanting to go back. I couldn’t get crab legs that time because I didn’t want to be messy in front of my sophisticated girlfriends but I didn’t mind getting dirty with Brian so I wanted to go back and get my crab legs fix.


My food came in a big plastic bag.


Here’s what it looked like after I dumped it in the pan. So much yummy goodness!


Of course Brian got chicken tenders. Who does that? I guess I should have known because he doesn’t really like seafood. Honestly, I don’t think he wanted to go to Blue Hook but he was mostly just humoring me. I mean, I did need cheering up after we couldn’t do our tournament thing that I’d been working so hard on for the past two months (at least). When we first talked about having the tournament I was worried about getting all of the player spots filled but when it came down to it, we actually exceeded our goal by one team. Our goal was to have 32 teams (16 in the morning and 16 in the afternoon) and basically have 8 teams per bracket and we filled all of our brackets and had 33 teams ready to go.

Anyway, I wish he would have gotten the crab cakes because I really wanted to get a picture of it (and also taste it). I guess we will just have to go back.

It never fails that you run into people you know when you look like absolute crap. I figured I would get messy from eating crab legs so I didn’t even bother to change from my pickleball clothes. We just went straight to dinner. I had no makeup, messy hair, dried sweat, and now buttery crab juice all over me (the bib they gave me helped a bit but I always end up wearing my food somehow whenever I eat crab legs – I knew I would have to shower after so I didn’t bother showering and changing before going to dinner) and guess who they seated at the table behind us.


Meader sends us a Facebook message with the above picture and the caption, “Who are these people?” Hilarious. They were all dressed nice in a double date with another couple. Brian and I looked like a couple of hoodlums in sweats and I was covered in butter and crab.

Story of my life. Until next time. GNG.

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