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Brian’s New Hooded Robe

Posted on May 18, 2021 by under Shopping.    

I got Brian a new hooded robe from Me Undies. His face may not show it but he absolutely loves it. I know because he hasn’t stopped wearing it.


I got it for him because it’s a much lighter weight material than the black, terry one that he lives in AND it matches the lounge pants that I got for him a couple of months back. His favorite black robe reminds me of the one that Dude wears in The Big Lebowski except in black. It’s super comfy but I think too warm now that the weather is warmer. Now that I’ve realized that he can’t live without wearing a robe 24/7, I had to find him one that he can comfortably live in during the warm months. He can go back to the black one in the winter.

When I say he lives in a robe, it is no joke. He literally lives in it.


He wears a robe even while he naps.


I think he would wear a robe to the store if it didn’t garner him strange looks from people. He might still do it. Who knows? He’s been out and about in his house slippers a time or two. I wouldn’t put it past him to go out in his robe. Give it a few years. I feel like as we get older, the less we care about what’s acceptable and unacceptable and the more we behave as we truly are without pretense.

Anyway, if you’d like to get one of these amazing robes or any of the super comfy things that Me Undies sells (they sell more than just underwear these days — they’ve expanded to lounge wear and other things) follow this link.

Until next time, GNG.

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