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Women’s League at Nahola

Posted on March 11, 2021 by under Hobbies.    

The women’s league at Nahola started last weekend. This is only my third league ever at Nahola and my second time with this specific one. I was really bummed last month that I was out of town for the league tournament because I felt pretty good about the progress I’d made. I had a rough first week and worse final week but win-loss rate was pretty good overall.

I felt really optimistic about the tournament. It was unfortunate that I was at the PPA Arizona tournament and wasn’t in town to play in it.

This time around I’ll miss one of the regular weeks but will be in town for the league tournament which is on April 17. I’m really excited because, even though there is some tough competition in this league, I feel good about my odds of winning. The main thing will be to get teamed up with a good partner and the way to do that is to have an excellent win-loss record.


Here’s the sheet from the first week. I’m off to a better start this time than the last time. In the previous session, I had more losses than wins that first week. But it was my first time playing in this league and there were women in the league who I’d never met or played with before. This time around, I know everyone playing and I know what to expect a little better.

I was really proud of my performance on this first day. I won four out of my five games. And on the only game that I lost, we lost 12-10, so it wasn’t a blow out. We even had some match point opportunities. For Melissa Burgess and I to get 10 points against two higher level players (Greta Siemens and Pam Palmer), who were certain to win 99% of the time, was one of the highlights of the weekend for me.


Here’s a pic of some of the girls warming up. On the far end you have Karin Koch, Erica Lopez, and Lesli Toubassi; and on the near court are Tricia Every, Melissa Burgess, and Teri Farha.


It was a beautiful day and Erica and I had somewhat coordinated outfits so we had to take a picture. Several people took advantage of the perfect weather to play outside at Seneca Park. Jenny (Cole) and Greta actually went over there to play after we were done with our Nahola league.

As for me, I had to go a VASA group fitness team meeting at Fuzzy’s after league and then I had to fill in for my friend Brooke with Debbie’s mixed group at Chicken N Pickle from 3-5 PM. After my CNP game, I stopped by Seneca Park and found a few people still there including the guy visiting from Joplin (Brandon Funk). I got to play one game with them.

It’s been a while since I had the opportunity to play pickleball at three different locations in one day. Spending an entire day (besides teaching my Aqua Zumba class in the morning) playing pickleball is definitely my definition of a great day!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Until next time. GNG.

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