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Online Virtual Mixology with On the Rocks

Posted on December 7, 2020 by under Events.    

I got to participate in a super fun online virtual mixology team building experience last week. I honestly didn’t even know this was a “thing,” but apparently, because everyone is isolating and social distancing because of the pandemic, people are finding creative ways to connect and experience things and now this whole industry has exploded. Here are some pictures from our fun virtual event last week.

Mix 1

This is Ariel Bruckner, Director of Beverage for On the Rocks. She led our cocktail seminar last week. She taught us how to make a couple of different cocktails using ingredients that they sent in a cocktail kit in advance of our event and then we all just provided our own spirits/liquor (unless we wanted non-alcoholic versions of the cocktails, which she showed us how to do as well).

Mix 8

We’ve had a few Hump Day Happy Hour events since most of us went remote (started working from home full time) and this one was the most well-attended happy hour we’ve had to date.

Mix 7

Everyone seemed to really enjoy learning how to make the cocktails.

Mix 11

Here are some pictures that my coworkers posted in the meeting chat.

Kim Savage Setup

This is my boss Kim Savage’s fancy mixology setup. Some people have very nice bar equipment and mixology tools.

Tom Setup

Here is Tom Grace’s bar setup.

Jared Rudy Setup

This is Jared Rudy’s mixology setup.

Jennifer Perry

And here’s Jennifer Perry’s.

Josh Mai Tai

This is Josh Belisle’s fancy setup. You can really tell those who enjoy making fancy cocktails apart from everyone else.

Alicia CC2

This is Alicia Grissom’s finished cocktail number one. Cheers!

Alicia CC

The first cocktail recipe Ariel showed us how to make was the “Champagne” Cocktail. Each kit came with everything you needed besides the alcohol (including detailed recipe cards) for two deliciously fun cocktails.


This is Kim Johnson’s “Champagne” Cocktail.

Kim Johnson Champagne Cocktail

This is the same drink made by Jessica Fundis.

Jessica Champagne Cocktail

For our second drink, we made a Blood Orange Mai Tai.


This is April Coultis’ mai tai.

April Mai Tai

I’m pretty sure Emily Marquart doctored her mai tai because it looks different and a lot more plentiful than everyone else’s.


Jona Urquizo’s mai tai.

Jona Mai Tai

Kim Johnson’s mai tai.

Kim Johnson Mai Tai

Here’s Mariaha Sweany’s mai tai. I had the same problem when I made mine. It didn’t make very much either. I think I may not have shaken the mixture in my cocktail shaker vigorously or long enough. I have some other theories too.

Mariaha Mai Tai

Here are Melinda Ivey’s finished drinks and her cute cat.

Melinda Ivey Drinks

Here are some pictures of my mixology setup.


I couldn’t make my drinks during the happy hour because Wednesday night is women’s competitive doubles league at Chicken N Pickle and we always play two matches. I had to wait until I came home from league to make and enjoy my drinks.


So here’s my “Champagne” Cocktail. I think it didn’t fill up my flute for a couple of reasons. I used a spoon to juice my lemon because I didn’t have a juice press so I don’t think I got as much juice out of my lemon as everyone else. Also, I didn’t want my drink to be too strong so I shorted my whiskey by an ounce, which on a skinny champagne flute can make a big difference on how far up your drink goes in the glass. I should have compensated by adding more of the sparkling apple cider to make up for the difference. I didn’t think of it that night, though.


These next two pics are of my finished mai tai. I had the same issue. I felt like it didn’t make as much. I think it was mainly because I didn’t get enough juice out of my lime because I did add the correct amounts of all the other ingredients. Also, I think that I didn’t shake my drink in the shaker long enough. And, Alicia said that I should have filled my glass with ice all the way to the brim.


Both drinks were really yummy. I plan to make them both again because I have enough of everything besides the star anise and the cinnamon stick garnish and you can easily enjoy the drinks without these. Besides making the drinks prettier, the garnish makes the drinks more aromatic but they’re enjoyable just the same. I am going to wait to make these again when I’m better though, and can actually taste these amazing cocktails because I fell ill on Thursday and I have absolutely no taste or smell right now.. Otherwise, it will be a waste.


As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I didn’t even know these virtual mixology events were a “thing.” It’s definitely a unique experience. I’ve been thinking about how to share the it with friends and family. Perhaps I could host my own personal event.

They say experiences make better presents than material things. We have several friends who enjoy drinking just as much as we do and I think this type of event or online experience would make great Christmas presents for them.

Until next time. GNG.

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